Opening hours in a nutshell, really.

Showcase your destination’s opening hours and events on one shared platform, easily maintained, ready for all screens, themeable for your brand, and infinitely expandable with our API.

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What is it for?

Our service is built for small tourist destinations and communities that have a need to engage with and inform tourists, visitors and residents, in a simple, straightforward way, about current opening hours, special offers, activities and events.

Who uses it?

Examples of entities that the service are purchased and administered by are tourist boards, business associations and local governments. But it could really be anything and anyone depending on how your destination is organized.

Who updates it?

Opening hours, events, and all associated info are updated by the participating businesses using their own individual user accounts. Updating is a breeze – our admin interface requires no advanced computer knowledge.

Expand and integrate with our API

With our API you can get the data for any given date in a JSON-formatted response, ready to be used and integrated with other digital services or websites. The possibilities are endless.

Use on fixed screens in public areas

With the platform accessed in Display Mode, all interactive elements are hidden and the information is presented in an auto-scroll fashion, made for showing on screens in public areas.

Built in support for events and date-specific offers

OpenHours is also an event calendar! The interface shows upcoming events as well as events on the day the user browses on. In addition, businesses can show custom text for specific date ranges.

User Case

the island of Hven

Let us introduce the small island of Hven between Denmark and Sweden. The island gets more than one hundred thousand day visitors a year and has 15-20 restaurants, shops and tourist attractions.

Hven's OpenHours platform is an optimal way for visitors and residents to plan their stay on Hven for today, tommorow, or next week when they arrive. They simply want to know what is open, when its open, and what fun is happening. And they want that information compiled, clear and consice.

OpenHours is also an important tool for tourist info spots and ferry operators to be able to refer tourists to when asked about opening hours, which they of course gets asked about all the time.

The participating establishments – restaurants, shops, local attractions – pays a small yearly fee to the service administrator for access to Hven's OpenHour platform.

Checkout Hven's OpenHours platform, but keep in mind that its mostly active summertime during the tourist season.

Looking for any specific feature?

We add new features as they enter our minds

Customizable sidebar

Use the sidebar option to add your own custom content like an Instagram-feed, local ads, or general information and messages.

Use your own language and colors

Multi-language support and customizable public interface for your own titles and color theme.

Powered by WordPress

The admin interface is instantly recognizable as its built on WordPress – the most used content management system in the World.

Integrates with Google Places

Instead of entering opening hours into OpenHours businesses can opt to instead let the service fetch this information from Google Places.

Use a custom domain name

By default the URL to your OpenHours platform is a subdomain, as in, but you can also use your own custom domain name.

Technical support included

The services comes with full documentation and technical support for all your participating establishment.

WordPress plugin

Using our WordPress plugin you can easily place opening hours on WordPress sites using a widget or a shortcode. Simply plug and play.

Built-in Map View

Looking for a Google Maps view? We already thought of that. Checkout the map view in the demo!


Relax. OpenHours is an all-inclusive.

OpenHours is provided to you as a Software as a Service. You get everything OpenHours has to offer for a fixed monthly fee. We host and operate the service at our own servers and provide full technical support. You are then free to, if you like, setup your own business model involving your participating businesses.

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